Cancun and the Struggle for Climate Justice


The irony of convening a climate change conference at a lavish resort built on reclaimed mangroves - one whose beach front had to be rejuvenated with sand dredged from the ocean for $70 million, was not completely lost on the delegates at the COP16 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Cancun: Moon Palace Trumps Planet Earth


The final declaration hammered out in Cancun in the appropriately termed the Moon Palace, has trumped the urgent needs of planet Earth of cutting greenhouse gas emissions. What has emerged is that developing countries have now agreed to a common instrument for emission commitments while the developed countries – the 37 Annex I countries -- have promised nothing in return. 

The Truth will Always Win


Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, has been arrested while he has been harassed immensely by the USA Government. All claims of the USA's belief in liberal and free media has been put to the dust by the high-handed response of the Obama Government against a person who has only exposed the truth. But in spite of such witch hunting, the cyber world is buzzing with support for Wikileaks and Mr. Assange. We reproduce here his column with the belief that "Truth will Always Win". Cartoon Courtesy: The Hindu

Two Elections, Two Results: Brazil and the US Elections

Prabir Purkayastha contrasts the results to two recent elections - the presidential elections in Brazil and the Congressional polls in the United States. Article, courtesy Newsclick India

Resurgent China and prospects of Sino-India cooperation


 India must show confidence, innovations and urgency for building purposeful relationship with China. Enforcing co-operation rather than harping on threats is a smart diplomacy that India must adopt. Parimal Maya Sudhakar writes. 

Financial Crisis and Recession - A Battleground of Economic Ideas and Philosophies

In more than 30 years of teaching introductory macroeconomics, says Alan Blinder of Princeton University, he has never seen interest as high as it was last year... the crisis has also highlighted flaws in the existing macroeconomics curriculum... Courses in many leading universities are already being amended... Discussion of the “liquidity trap,” in which standard easing of monetary policy may cease to have any effect, had fallen out of vogue in undergraduate courses but seems to be back with a vengeance. Asset-price bubbles are also gaining more prominence.”

  • excerpts from the article titled “Revise and Resubmit

China since 1989 Tiananmen Incident

Parimal Maya Sudhakar writes on developments in China since the Tiananmen Incident of 1989.

A Critique of the UNSC Resolution on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and disarmament

If the nuclear weapon state (NWS)-parties to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty are at all serious about implementing Article – VI, at the 2010 NPT Review Conference they would have given binding unqualified negative security assurance to Non-NWS, consent to a no-first-use pledge between the NWS, agree to de-alert all deployed nuclear weapons, and take necessary steps to begin preparations for holding a nuclear weapons convention. Without these binding commitments, every other step would merely amount to an exercise in futility.

Of Cars and Corn: The ominous redistribution of grains between man and machine


 Arindam Banerjee writes on the phenomenon of Biofuels - generated from grains that could otherwise serve as food. 

Sixty-Five Years After the Defeat of Fascism


"History no doubt does not repeat itself with any predictable monotony, but it would be a mistake not to see certain chilling similarities between the 1930s and now".Eminent economist Prabhat Patnaik writes. Article courtesy: