V. Krishna Ananth

Rita Bahuguna Joshi must be sacked

There is something wrong somewhere with the Congress party. How else do we explain the fact that the president of the party’s Uttar Pradesh unit, Rita Bahuguna Joshi, saying what she said about rape? And more than that, how else do we explain the reaction of the party high command to all that had happened involving Rita Joshi? And all this at a time when the Congress party appeared to have shown signs of a revival in Uttar Pradesh after having been treading on a course of decline in the past two decades certainly shows that the party lacks a coherent organizational philosophy.

On the CEO being killed in Noida

There was indeed a sense of irony in the way the political establishment went ballistic about the incident in Greater Noida involving the death of Lalit Kishore Chaudhury.

Those responsible for this state are none other than the rulers and the apologists of such un-democracy who do not mind the workmen in their own country being treated as disposable napkins and the law of the land is trampled upon by the carpet baggers.

Some thoughts on Khairlanji and the new turn in the Sohrabuddin murder


The Khairlanji case is not a private concern of Bhotmange. It is, instead a mirror of the caste-based discrimination that continues to stalk the villages across the country and a reminder that Article 17 of the Constitution abolishing untouchability and caste based discrimination is a far cry even after almost six decades after India became a Republic.

V. Krishna Ananth, assesses the Khairlanji verdict and compares it to the judicial intervention of the Supreme Court in the Sohrabuddin-Kauserbi murder case in which Sohrabuddin and his wife Kauserbi were shot dead by a team of the Gujarat Police led by DIG D.G.Vanzara and thereafter described this act of cold-blooded murder as one of an encounter.