Film Review

A Wednesday: Justifying Violence in the Name of Common Man


Pragoti editorial team's Subhanil Chowdhury reviews A Wednesday in our weekly feature of film reviews.

Aakrosh — A complete Political Movie!

om puri in aakrosh

Pragoti editorial team's Srinivasan Ramani contributes to our feature of film reviews with a review of Aakrosh, Govind Nihalani's debut film.

Two Stories of the Great Depression

bonnie and clyde.jpg

Pragoti editorial team's Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya starts off our new weekly feature of film reviews with his insightful review of the cult American film, Bonnie and Clyde. Each Monday we propose to upload a film review written from the perspective of radical left politics. Watch this space as you watch your movies!

Hollywood's Favorite Vigilante is Back with a Vengeance: Batman's War of Terror

dark knight still 1.jpg

Despite having a few liberal pangs, The Dark Knight not only fails to truthfully deal with these issues, but embraces the worst sort of right-wing vigilantism packaged in some of the best filmmaking available in Hollywood.

Too Far From Escapism


Director Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight," currently on track to be the biggest box-office smash of the year and maybe of all time, crosses a line that perhaps did not need to be crossed, the fantasy-into-reality line.