Indian Development

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An interview with Prabhat Patnaik on the trajectory of Indian development after independence.

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Everything in India is changing but treatment of the poor


MUMBAI: Here in the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower, the doyen of this city's hotels, what you think of the new India may depend on whether you are the person having soap squeezed onto your hands or the person squeezing the soap.

The Coup D’ Etat

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The trust vote episode in parliament was no less than a coup d'etat enacted by the present day government to firmly enmesh the Indian nation into the strategic grip of imperialism, writes professor Prabhat Patnaik.Courtesy: Network Ideas.

Democratic deficit

The political battle is on to divert attention from the economic crisis and make the nuclear deal or communal polarisation the clinching issue in the elections.

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On the margins


A story of displacement and human denigration in the national capital.

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Coastal Management Zone: Implications for Fishing Communities

The 1991 Coastal Regulation Zone Notification is to be replaced by rules based on a new concept called the Coastal Management Zone. This article, after discussing the proposed CMZ notification, points out several problem areas, particularly, for traditional fishing communities. The article also discusses ideas to address these issues.


The Coastal Management Zone Notification of the Government of India dated May 1, 2008, opens the way to further depredations of coastal ecology and environment. As part of the resistance to the notification, an online petition has been put up. Here is the text of the petition.

Notification of Coastal Management Zone by Government of India

On 1 May 2008 the Government of India published the draft Coastal Management Zone (CMZ) Notification, with the ostensible purpose of seeking from the public objections or suggestions, to be sent in within 60 days of the aforementioned date.

Environmental activists have contended that in terms of its character and contents, in the nature and course of its preparation and in the way the notification has been thrust upon people, it is the perfect embodiment of callousness, injustice and assault on environment and livelihood.

Here is the text of the CMZ notification.

Working Long Hours – for a Pittance

A recent government survey found that 'self employed' workers are now more than 50 per cent, in the country. The biggest section is domestic workers, in urban areas. 'Self employment' means no protection for the workers, no minimum wage, no safety, no fixed hours of work, no pension, with the government and employers absolved of all responsibility for them.

Some features in the world of work are that the paid work of women, and especially urban women, has increased. However, this is underpaid work, since they get a wage much lower than men. The unpaid work of women has also gone up.

The Myth of the Market

The increasing injustice and environmental destruction of recent years has been justified by the alleged 'efficiency' of the market. But both theory and evidence show that markets are economically inefficient, wasteful of human and natural resources.