Notes on the Making of Feminine Identity in Contemporary Kerala Society


Marxist scholar, political activist, theoretician, writer and teacher T K Ramachandran's 1995 article in Social Scientist on the ideological constructs of feminine identity in contemporary Kerala society.

Postmodernism and Market


The rhetoric of the market has been a fundamental and central component of ideological struggle - the struggle for the legitimation or delegitimation of left discourse. The surrender to the various forms of market ideology - on the left, not to speak of everybody else, - has been imperceptible but alarmingly universal. This is the second shoe of the destiny of that older piece of discourse, 'nationalization' - which it follows some twenty years later, just as in general full postmodernism (particularly in the political field) has turned out to be sequel, continuation and fulfillment of the old 50s 'end of ideology' episode. 'The market is in human nature': this is the proposition that cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged. That is, the most crucial terrain of ideological struggle in our time, Fredric Jameson had argued in 1990 in the Socialist Register.

Pragoti reproduces this seminal article where Jameson holds that nothing is served by substituting for one inert institutional structure (bureaucratic planning) another inert institutional structure, namely the market itself.