Theatre, music and culture: a people's perspective


The annual cultural festival, conducted by left people's theatre group Samudaya, has over the years become an integral part of Karnataka's cultural scene. In a State where the right wing has, every now and then, staked its claim or attempted to appropriate all things cultural, the Samudaya festival, with its clear definition of secularity and culture, rooted in people's struggles and movements, is not just an event but a statement. In keeping with this missive, the theme of this year's five-day festival held in the last week of January was 'cultural harmony', writes VASANTH KADEKAR

Art, truth and politics


Pragoti pays tribute to one of the greatest dramatists of the modern era, Harold Pinter. Pragoti expresses deep grief and condolence on Pinter's death on December 24, 2008. In his memory, we present Pinter's Nobel Acceptance Speech which concluded:

"I believe that despite the enormous odds which exist, unflinching, unswerving, fierce intellectual determination, as citizens, to define the real truth of our lives and our societies is a crucial obligation which devolves upon us all. It is in fact mandatory.

If such a determination is not embodied in our political vision we have no hope of restoring what is so nearly lost to us - the dignity of man."