The Unbearable Weight of a Brutal Murder

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Sudipto Gupta, a 23 year old bright student, was a leading left student activist of SFI committed to change the society for a better one. He made his choice early in life - to work for the betterment of society. In one of the most horrific incidents in Kolkata, he was beaten to death in police custody after he had courted arrest. What was his fault? He was not demanding anything for himself. He and his comrades were agitating peacefully demanding student union elections in West Bengal, which is a fundamental right of any student. The fact that a student has been beaten to death for demanding student union election shows the abyss that West Bengal has reached with the so called ‘pariborton’ in the state.

The Student movement, Higher education and the End of neoliberal triumphalism

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C. P. Chandrasekhar's inaugural address at the 14th All India Conference of the Student Federation of India
This 14th All-India conference of the Students Federation of India is being held at a critical time in recent history. Over the last five years a deep crisis has overcome the metropolitan core of modern capitalism, and not just its poorer periphery. Never before since the Great Depression has the economic and political viability of capitalism been as much under challenge as it is today. And the legitimacy of modern capitalism as a system that can deliver a socially and historically acceptable minimum standard of life for much of its inhabitants is once again in question.

Comrades in solidarity with the JNU unit of SFI

"Marxism is a revolutionary worldview that must always struggle for new revelations. Marxism must abhor nothing so much as the possibility that it becomes congealed in its current form. It is at its best when butting heads in self-criticism, and in historical thunder and lightning, it retains its strength." -- Rosa Luxemburg. 

More Insights from JNU Left students movement

In continuation with the ongoing debates in the Left student movement in JNU, here are some more insights from SFI activists and sympathizers in JNU

SFI in JNU and the future of the Left student movement

 The Left movement and SFI have been undergoing a major churning in JNU over the last few days. Pragoti has already carried some of the debates within JNU SFI. A crucial question at this juncture that needs to be delved into is the future pathway of the left, democratic students’ movement in JNU. In that context, here are some more insights into various issues, including that of the Presidential Election, from a group of SFI activists and sympathizers.

The Left splinters even as it "unites" in JNU


"The SFI national leadership's move to dissolve the entire unit reeks of authoritarianism, a lack of appreciation of the political impulse of the students of JNU, and a violation of its own stated aims of mass organisation independence". A short blogpost on the events related to the SFI-JNU unit recently. 

"Recognise MSEU, take back retrenched workers"


This is a press release from representatives of the Students' Federation of India, Democratic Youth Federation of India and the Janwadi Mahila Samiti, who protested in front of the Maruti Suzuki headquarters in New Delhi in solidarity with striking Maruti Suzuki workers.

SFI-DYFI Salute Arab People- From a Solidarity Meeting in Mumbai


Pragoti publishes the report of the recent Arab solidarity meeting organised by SFI-DYFI in Mumbai.

Solidarity Protest at Egyptian Embassy


Yesterday, hundreds of students and left activists marched on the street of Delhi, protesting in front of the Egyptian Embassy demanding the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak in solidarity with the people of Egypt. A Report and some photographs of the demonstration.

Stop Persecution of Human Rights' Activists in the name of Combating Maoist Violence: SFI


The Students' Federation of India, JNU Unit, calling the punishment meted out to Dr. Binayak Sen as disproportionate and unjust, sent this statement to Pragoti for publication.