"All day all week... Occupy Wall Street"


A Report on the Occupy Wall Street movement.


Finally the American public has woken up to the global call for revolution. Right now, there are more than 9000 Americans gathered at the Wall Street with one common agenda “Occupy Wall Street”. Inspired by the massive public protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square and Madrid's Puerta del Sol Square, thousands have slept outside Wall Street for the past two nights starting from 17th September. One of the protestors says “This system of permanent growth is neither sustainable nor reasonable. This system is about to collapse on its own way. We are here to make it happen a little bit faster.”


At the call of Adbusters, a non-profit reader-supported magazine, this movement has been taken up by Internet activists, hackers, students, social rights activists, calling themselves the 99%, to protest against the corporations and the big banks, the 1%, that have had a long history of failing the commons in America. “Banks Got Bailed Out, We Got Sold Out” is the latest slogan being heard live from the Internet as of this writing. The big banks which have been revered as 'too-big-to-fail' have proven to be the epicenter of the mess that the US economy is in today. Protestors have been asked to come with tents and kitchens, and they are to be here for months.

Anonymous, the popular hacktivist group behind launching cyber attacks on government and corporate institutions in support of Wikileaks, freedom of speech, has also announced their support to the movement. In a message to the NYPD, Anonymous said “Will You Be There To Serve And Protect? Or will you be the instruments of an oppressive system? Regardless of your choices. Consider this a direct and clear message. Know every injustice you commit upon any protesters. We Will Find Out. We Will Not Tolerate The Silencing of Free Speech. We will not merely watch at these injustices and We Will not sit idly by. We will come to the calling of our brothers and sisters.


Internet Powered Revolution

This revolution has been fuelled by Internet, more than any other revolutions in the recent past. The run-up to the movement until the morning of September 17th has been coordinated through Twitter, the micro-blogging social network. Hundreds of activists have been tweeting about the movement right from the moment they flew down into New York airports. A protestor tweeted “I tell the cab driver I'm here for #occupyWallStreet and he turns meter off and ride is free! #solidarity”.

Knowing the possible blackout of the event in the mainstream media, the protestors also resorted to online streaming of the entire proceedings of the action at Wall Street which can be watched on http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution. A popular phrase has been thus extended this way “The Revolution won't be televised, it will be streamed live.”

Why This Revolution?

The Occupy Wall Street movement is a result of the frustration of a commodified society, in which the mere existence of an individual carries a price tag. The protestors might differ in race, gender, occupation and the reasons why they are camping at the Wall Street, but the one string uniting them is the opposition to the principle upon which the contemporary society is build upon: profits above people. It is a people's resistance to the philosophy of the domination of market forces upon the will of the people.


David Graeber, an anthropologist who took part in the demonstration on Sunday said “If you look at who showed up in Egypt and Spain, it was mostly young people, and most of them were people who had gone through the educational system, who were deeply in debt, and who found it completely impossible to get jobs. The system has completely failed them. If there's going to be any kind of society worth living in, we’re going to have to create it ourselves."


The American public seems to have finally begun to wake up from the deep slumber of their social consciousness caused by a society of ruthless consumerism and a regime that has institutionalized indiscriminate greed. This is the moment that the people of America and the rest of the world has been looking forward to: the moment when the foundations of this 'all-pervasive' system will begin to crumble. That moment has arrived.


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Left should consciously try

Left should consciously try to spread in the internet. They have to use social networks like this for mobilisation. CPM should start an IT cell catering to internet users. They should provide interface for sprucing up ideological battles.

Very true, this chapter is

Very true, this chapter is being sparingly addressed.