The Real Story Behind the U.S.-India Nuclear Deal

The recently passed nuclear pact was not just a late win for an unpopular president, it was a coup for lobbyists and defense contractors.

Subrata Ghoshroy writes in Alternet.

Mindless deregulation disastrous for India


''...our ruling elite continues to repose blind faith in neoliberal free-market ideas even as these get discredited in the developed capitalist countries because of their contribution to crises, instability, destruction of wealth, inequality, and undermining of social cohesion''.

Praful Bidwai writes on rediff.

Courtesy: Rediff

Luxury mall showcases wealth gap in India


The Emporio mall, adorned with palms and scented with lavender, is the exclusive playground of India's rich, which despite the effects of the credit crisis still have plenty of cash to buy designer accessories with thousand dollar price tags.

With a phalanx of security guards keeping out the destitute and a pricey admission fee, some social observers see India's first luxury mall as a symbol of an economic apartheid that they say increasingly divides the 'haves' and 'have nots' in India.

Implementing the NREGS

The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act has now been in operation for more than two years, even though it is still being extended to all the rural areas of the country.

In that relatively short time, it has already become one of the most avidly studied programmes of the Central Government, with many independent evaluations in different States as well as government audit of its performance thus far.

UPA should not be myopic to world events

If diplomacy is a lot about timing, the "Malabar Exercises" have been most crudely timed. Our diplomats should have known that issues of war and peace are hanging by a thread. M. K. Bhadrakumar tells.

Dealing with a new Nepal

India can no longer pursue its strategic and economic interests on the basis of its old colonial mindset and bureaucratised traditional tools of diplomacy.

Courtesy: The Hindu

Home and Away

To be a Kashmiri and a Hindu can be a painful experience these days. To which side of the divide do we belong? The answer is taken for granted and in this fight between ‘us’ and ‘them’, between Hindu and Muslim, I am supposed to articulate the agony of exile, the religious persecution of ‘us’, minorities, and fight for my homeland from which we have been thrown out through ‘violent’ means - says Pradeep Magazine

India-Pakistan relations in free fall

A full circle seems to have been taken and India-Pakistan relations are getting perilously close to ground zero. It underscores that there is no alternative but to give primacy to the neighborhood in a country's foreign policy, and, secondly, to ensure that foreign policy is at any given time an extension of a country's national policy. What generates uneasiness, though, is that given the high volatility of the domestic political situation in both India and Pakistan, the likelihood is low that either side takes any creative initiatives at this juncture.

We, The Acquired

India's Sepecial Economic Zones.JPG

SEZs are the battlefield where democracy fights market economics.

Courtesy: Outlook India
Image: Courtesy ZCommunications

Indian Development

independence day.jpg

An interview with Prabhat Patnaik on the trajectory of Indian development after independence.

Courtesy: Znet