Three Statements on the Mumbai terror incidents and aftermath


Presented are three statements made in the aftermath of the horrific incidents of terrorism in India's premier city, Mumbai. Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party (CMKP) of Pakistan, Various Indian and Pakistani journalists and academicians, and other Indian and Pakistani citizens call for peace and justice to the victims of this horrific tragedy. Pragoti presents them in this composite post.

Financial Crisis and India: Who Pays the Price?

Pragoti editorial team's Subhanil Chowdhury delves into the cause of the layoffs in the Indian economy amidst the slowdown and argues for public expenditure and investment that will put purchasing power in the hands of the people as the way out. An earlier article on the same issue by the author can be found here

Lost words

Urdu has been abused and neglected in independent India, Markandey Katju writes in Communalism Combat. Courtesy: Sabrang

The Financial Crisis and India Inc.’s Performance: Where Are We Heading?

"It is the result of the policies of the Government that the corporate sector rose to the stature of the dominant investor in the economy. This investment while generated high growth could not increase the purchasing power of the majority of the people. With the private sector in a crisis of its own, in the absence of Government boosting demand, the conditions of the people will further worsen. It is time to go back to John Maynard Keynes and argue like him for state intervention to boost demand."

Pragoti editorial team member, Subhanil Chowdhury, analyses the causes of the recent slowdown in the Indian economy.

Honours for Musicians: A History of Bureaucratic Whimsy

"Awarding vocalist Bhimsen Joshi the Bharat Ratna is surely a welcome step. It has been uniformly welcomed by the music fraternity, the media, and of course the public at large. About the only question raised is whether it has not been too long overdue."

Abhik Majumdar in a Pragoti Exclusive examines the developments around national awards in the context of the Hindustani classical music tradition of northern India. In particular he addresses questions like whether the awards were intended towards any discernible purpose, and how successful they have been in giving effect to that purpose. He also looks at recent trends where conferment of first the Padma Vibhushan and now the Bharat Ratna on musicians has become customary.

CPI (M)’s Suggestions On Protecting Indian People from the Global Economic Crisis

It is clear by now that the global financial crisis has graduated into a global economic crisis of serious proportions. The advanced economies are set to experience a protracted recession and the developing countries across the world, including the Indian economy, will also be adversely affected.

The UPA Government has so far chosen to meet only the corporate bigwigs and bankers in order to discuss policy responses; neither have the State Governments nor other political parties, trade unions, farmers’ organisations and other organisations representing crucial stakeholders been consulted. It is indeed strange that at a time when the neoliberal vision of putting corporate profits over peoples’ interest and relying upon ‘trickle down economics’ is getting discredited across the world, the economic managers of the UPA Government are clinging on to it. In this backdrop, the CPI (M) is putting forward a set of concrete suggestions in order to tackle the adverse impact of the global recession on the Indian economy and protect the interests of the people.

Resist This Undermining Of Our Parliamentary Democracy

''To the best of one’s knowledge, the session which was summoned on July 17, 2008 primarily to enable the trust vote on July 21-22 will now end somewhere in the third or fourth week of December, if one were to believe the government. This is the longest ever session of the parliament notwithstanding the fact that it will simultaneously create a record of sorts in terms of the least number of sittings. Parliament has hardly been treated with such utter contempt ever before.''

Nilotpal Basu writes in People's Democracy

Prospect of an industrial recession

Some observers are of the view that the sharp fall in the month-on-month annual rate of industrial growth in August 2008 exaggerates the actual and likely slowdown in the growth. C. P. Chandrasekhar and Jayati Ghosh discuss why the broad trend suggested by the index may not be too far off the mark.

Courtesy: Hindu Business Line

'Government should ensure protection of workers' jobs before any relief is extended to any industry' -- MK Pandhe writes


Assocham president, Sajjan Jindal, released a document ‘Jobs Scenario Post-Diwali’ on October 29, 2008 in New Delhi and announced that seven industry segments had drawn up conclusive plans to curtail their workforce by 25 to 30 per cent, which was likely to be announced in the next 10 days or so.

M K Pandhe, President, CITU has sent the following letter to Oscar Fernandes, Minister of Labour and Employment, regarding retrenchment and lay off by the employers in the prevailing global economic scenario.

'Reduce the price of petrol, diesel and LPG', 'Rationalise taxes/ duty structure of petro-products'; MK Pandhe writes to Murli Deora

M K Pandhe, President, CITU sent the following letter to Murli Deora, Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas regarding the bail out the 'aam admi' from fuel price hike.