Resurgent China and prospects of Sino-India cooperation


 India must show confidence, innovations and urgency for building purposeful relationship with China. Enforcing co-operation rather than harping on threats is a smart diplomacy that India must adopt. Parimal Maya Sudhakar writes. 

"Rahul Gandhi does not understand why the rich are rich and the poor are poor"


CPI(M) Research Unit Convenor, Prasenjit Bose interviewed by Vima Naukara (Insurance Employee), the monthly journal of insurance employees association in Karnataka published from Bangalore. The text of the interview recorded in September 2010 is reproduced here. 

Perspective on Indo-Nepal Economic Cooperation

The Prime Minister of Nepal visited India last week. In this context we take a relook at the issue of Indo-Nepal economic cooperation.

Universal Education In India: A Century Of Unfulfilled Dreams

The article written by G Selva, the Joint Secretary of SFI and Editor of Students' Struggle looks into the protracted struggle towards achieving universal education in India.

Towards A More Inclusive Republic

"We, therefore, have to brace ourselves for mightier struggles to forge such an alternative through people's movements. It is through the process of strengthening such struggles that we will move towards the final solution – the socialist Republic of India – for establishing a harmonious melody of existence of our country and its people. This solution lies in the successful replacement of the bourgeois-landlord ruling classes with the working class leading a coalition of all the working people." A Peoples' Democracy Editorial

A leftist take on Barack Obama and foreign policy vis-a-vis India and the world.

One of the much asked questions to this "political analyst" is, "So, is new US president Barack Obama going to be good for India"? I suppose it is not a question worth answering for a leftist who would find that such a question is redundant or at best s/he should ask back, "Which India are you asking about"?

End of peace journey?

It has been a long haul. The people-to-people contact which we fostered like a gardener tending a sapling. My tryst with friendly relations between India and Pakistan goes back to September 13, 1947. That was the day when I crossed the border at Wagha after journeying from Sialkot, my hometown. I had seen murder and worse. Like millions of refugees, I too had been broken on the rack of history,writes Kuldip Nayar.

Through Tel Aviv, India's Reckless Road to Washington


The costs of the Tel Aviv-New Delhi-Washington axis are too much to bear, at least for India. India cannot afford to mimic Israel’s failed neighborhood policy, nor can it follow the U. S. example that seeks to solve its problems by aerial bombardment. South Asia requires a regional solution to what is without doubt a regional problem, one with its roots in the Afghan jihad of the 1980s as much as the unresolved Kashmir question

Vijay Prashad writes about the deepening covert defense ties between India and Israel,under the guise of fighting terrorism and strengthening India's security system.The author points out that there is a need to seek a regional solution to the security concerns of India, instead of importing the military option projected by Israel as a counter-terrorist measure,which has failed in its own soil.

The American Pipe-Dream

The US never considered India 'special' as we were made to believe,says M.K. Bhadrakumar

A forgotten episode


It is about time we re-examined the events of 1971 rather than erase them from our collective national memory.

Ammar Ali Jan of Labour Party Pakistan writes on the 'fall of Dhaka' in December 1971. This article was first carried in The News.