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On the Outcome of the Obama Visit


Notwithstanding the fulsome praise for the one-sided and unequal relations with the United States in the corporate media, the real interests of the people of India are not served by such a relationship. What is required is a Indo-US relationship which is based on equality and mutual interest. A statement on the Obama visit from the Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) . 

Statesmanship is only skin deep - The Obama visit


 A blog post on Barack Obama's much ballyhooed visit to India. Cartoon, courtesy The Hindu newspaper.  

Obama Visit: Protest against US Policies


The left parties have called for protests during US President Barack Obama's three day visit from November 6th to November 8th to India. This pamphlet, issued by the Communist Party of India (Marxist), explains the reasons for the protests. The details of the protests' call can be seen here

Honduras, Afghanistan and the Obama compromise


"Apparently, the US strategy from the beginning, was to play along with the coup plotters' strategy in a case of running with the "we are against the coup" hare and hunting with the "don't let Honduras turn left" hound." 

Extract from a short article on the (Barack) Obama administration's role in Honduras and Afghanistan. 

UPDATE - A Real News Network Production exposing the fraudulent claims of participation in the Honduran "elections" - 

The Nobel for Obama: Undeserved Glory or Recognition of Bourgeois Charisma?

A wide debate has started after Barrack Obama has been awarded this year's Nobel Prize for peace. With Obama himself calling it unexpected and acting humble, sentiments have gone from calling it a farce to a recognition which was not deserved to putting the cart before the horse (where it is not Obama delivering on his promises which earned him the Nobel but the Nobel would play in his mind when he still has a long tenure in the Oval Office).    

An undeserved prize

Why the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama is a farcical decision.

UPDATE: Added link to certain excellent cartoons on the web over the issue. 

Obama and the End of Other Dreams?

"The euphoria of Obama’s ascension to the presidency of the United States slowly ebbs down to its logical culmination. But its glow has been such that it has drowned many other euphorias and the reality. For sometime now, since last year the world has been living in the bubble of the arrival of Barack, the “blessed” one so much so that it has prevented us from asking important questions" Writes Nissim Mannathukkaren for Pragoti.

Elections 2008 & Obama's "Vision"

''While as usual ignored as irrelevant to policy formation, U.S. public opinion is close to that of serious analysts and also to world opinion. Large majorities oppose threats against Iran, thus rejecting the Bush-Obama position that the U.S. must be an outlaw state, violating the UN Charter, which bars the threat of force. The public also joins the majority of the world's states in endorsing Iran's right, as a signer of the NPT, to enrich uranium for nuclear energy (the position endorsed also by Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Kissinger and others when Iran was ruled by the tyrant imposed by U.S.-UK subversion). Most important, the public favors establishment of a nuclear-weapons-free zone in the Middle East, which would mitigate and perhaps eliminate this highly threatening issue. Such observations as these suggest an interesting thought experiment. What would be the content of the "Obama brand" if the public were to become "participants” rather than mere "spectators in action"? It is an experiment well worth undertaking, and there is good reason to suppose that the results might point the way to a saner and more decent world'' - Argues Veteran Political Commentator Noam Chomsky in the article published in Z magazine

Deciphering the thinking of the new president of the United States


IT isn’t too difficult. After his inauguration, Barack Obama stated that the return of the territory occupied by the Guantánamo Naval Base to its legitimate owner had to be carefully considered, in the first place, in terms of whether it would affect the defense capacity of the United States in the most minimal way,writes Fidel Castro.

A leftist take on Barack Obama and foreign policy vis-a-vis India and the world.

One of the much asked questions to this "political analyst" is, "So, is new US president Barack Obama going to be good for India"? I suppose it is not a question worth answering for a leftist who would find that such a question is redundant or at best s/he should ask back, "Which India are you asking about"?