Small farmers and the Doha Round: lessons from Mexico's NAFTA experience


The analysis might be interest to the readers who are engaged in looking at alternatives to the current neo-liberal model of globalisation. When economies asymmetrically situated in terms of productivity integrate, then left to the market, the burden of adjustment is borne by agents with the lowest productivity – in this instance small farmers and agricultural labour in Mexico. Economies should be allowed to choose the pace and pattern of integration and modernisation, defined as sustained and sustainable increase in per capita incomes, depending upon their institutional structures and historical trajectories.

Obama's Chicago Boys

Corporate Obama

Barack Obama waited just three days after Hillary Clinton pulled out of the race to declare, on CNBC, "Look. I am a pro-growth, free-market guy. I love the market."

Neo-Liberalism and Social Justice

India has now gone through some seventeen years of a neo-liberal prescription. Its results are there for us to see. It is evident that a handful became richer at the cost of impoverishing the rest.

It is the tendency of retreating from every humanitarian concern that is evident from the braying of the votaries of neo-liberalism for “less government”, “fiscal responsibility”, “pseudo-secularism” and “jobs on merit” for the already privileged that should make us doubly conscious that in the conditions of India, the ideology of the ‘Devil take the Hindmost’ takes on a particularly dangerous character.

India's Emerging Food Security Crisis: The Consequences of the Neoliberal Assault on the Public Distribution System

After 1991, intense pressure from the IMF and the World Bank to reduce the budget deficit brought first a sharp rise in the PDS price of foodgrains unmatched by higher prices for farmers, and then the introduction of "Targeted PDS" in 1997. Within ten years all that had been gained over a generation was lost. "Targeting" involved the near-criminal use of indefensible "Poverty Lines" to subject a vast impoverished population to paying prevailing market prices for essentials. Though accompanied by hypocritical expressions of concern for the poor from both World Bank and Indian neoliberals, targeting was a deliberate and successful attack on the PDS system as a whole.

Thousands demonstrate against neo liberal agenda and price hike in Pakistan

Labour Party Pakistan 1

Over 3000 activists and supporters of Labour Party Pakistan took part in rally at Lahore against the ongoing neo liberal policies of present Pakistan People's Party government. They were chanting slogans against the price hike, American imperialism and demanded an immediate end of policies dictated by imperialist companies and financial institutions.