Vineet Kohli

Global Recovery and Currency Wars


As large parts of the world economy remain engulfed in the most serious downturn witnessed since the 1930s, trade and currency rivalries have intensified and even threaten to take the shape of geo-political conflicts. Vineet Kohli, of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, examines the debate over currency wars. 

Direct Taxes Code: Some Concerns

The Direct Tax Code, which initially raised the hopes that corporate sector will finally contribute its due by way of tax payments, seems to have taken a beaten track. Many of the new provisions might have negative implications for tax revenue and ordinary people will, as usual, be made to suffer through cuts in government expenditure on health, education, food security, Vineet Kohli writes for Pragoti. 

A Note on the Nature and Sources of Chinese Recovery

There is a fierce debate within economists regarding the nature of recovery of the Chinese economy from the financial crisis. Vineet Kohli contributes to this debate in the attached article.

Time to Tame Free Finance

"The recent crisis in global financial markets has clearly demonstrated the shortcomings of a deregulated financial regime." writes Vineet Kohli an Economist with Economic Research Foundation