Beyond Maritime Borders: The Indo-Sri Lankan fishing problem

V. Vivekanandan, Advisor, South Indian Federation of Fishermen Societies, speaks on the issues confronting fishermen in South Tamil Nadu, apropos the problems between India and Sri Lanka over fishing close to the maritime boundary.

How Illegal Fishing Feeds Somali Piracy

"The first foreign fishing boats, which discovered that Somali waters were not guarded, encouraged many others to venture into the illegal fishing, Attempts to stop the foreign trawlers produced armed gangs that are now more interested in hijacking defenseless commercial ships, which possibly give them better rewards in terms of ransom payment." [A report from 2005]

US warships threaten the lives of Somali fishermen

Somali fishermen in Lower Jubba province, southern Somalia, have complained of American warplanes and ships closing in on their fishing boats. [A report from 2007]