What these Young Students Want


Ayesha Kidwai writes a first person account of the protests led by students and gender activists at India Gate on December 23rd 2012 against the Delhi Gang Rape and Repression of protestors by the Delhi police. 

Wukan in Context


 The Arab Spring...followed by the Bersih 2.0 movement in Malaysia...followed by the Indignado movement in Spain.. followed by the Occupy Protests in the United States... followed by the protests against electoral malpractice and more in Russia ...and now protests in the Wukan village in China?

De-Colonize Wall Street


 The 'Occupy Wall Street' protest in New York are intensifying, and have now spread to states across the United States. A spontaneous protest against corporate greed, financial 'fat cats' being constantly fed sops and withdrawal of the State from the social sector, these protests are significant. However, mainstream media coverage of the protest has been muted and limited to reports of arrests, and worse, portraying the protestors as rebels without a cause.
PRAGOTI features two articles by VIJAY PRASHAD on the protests, a commentary on why these protests are important and media biases in reporting on the event, These articles were published in Counterpunch, a bi-weekly political newsletter. Below is Article One: De-colonise Wall Street

KPM Uranium Mining in Meghalaya: A Controversial Project

Abhay Kumar, based in Shillong, writes on the proposed uranium mining plans in Meghalaya and the resultant protests. 

Militants hold protest march vs G-20 summit

MANILA, Philippines - Militants took to the streets of Manila Saturday to denounce the formal opening of the G-20 summit called by US President George Bush Jr. in Washington D.C to address the global financial crisis.

The Freedom from Debt Coalition said Saturday's action was part of the Global Day of Action against summit, which it branded as an "elite jamboree."

Law enforcement more concerned about protesters than terror attacks at economic summit

WASHINGTON (AP) _ U.S. intelligence officials say they have no credible information about potential terrorist or criminal attacks against a weekend summit in Washington of world leaders to deal with the global financial crisis.

In fact, law enforcement officials said they were more concerned about angry protesters, such as people left jobless by the financial meltdown, than they were about terrorists.